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Terms & Conditions

This is binding agreement between Seller and Buyer. Seller is named as b. Robert Moore and approved Buyer is contingent upon approved acquisition of work. The approval is based on a prescreening and mutual agreement of the below terms of work ownership right. Terms of ownership of original artwork created and produced by b. Robert Moore (Moore & Co, LLC. S Corp.) © are subject to both parties mutually agreeing to the following.



Buyer must agree to not reproduce the original artwork. This is not limited to scanning the work for reprint or reproduction or duplicating the work for profit.  

Museum/Exhibit Representation 

Buyer agrees to accessibility of artwork in the event of work being requested for compensated showings or exhibits. To be determined logistically. Buyer and Seller mutually agree to b. Robert Moore presenting compensation and logistic requirements in the event the artwork is being requested. The Buyer has first right to refusal. 



Buyer was also agree to hold the work without resell (to private or public buyer, including but not limited to auction) a minimum of five (5) years. If the Buyer wants to resell the artwork, the Seller (the Artist; b. Robert Moore) is given the first right of refusal. If the artwork is mutually agreed to sell within or prior to the agreed five (5) year hold/retained time period, the Buyer and Seller (b. Robert Moore) would agree to a 15% fee of the upside (i.e. profit over the original cost/value of the artwork at time of initial acquisition). By acquiring original artworks through the screening process and agreeing to these terms, original artwork can be acquired.



Thank you for helping protect and retain the value of black artwork for the now and the future.  

© 2021 Moore & Co. LLC (S. Corp) 

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