we all a lil Shaka (limited edition print)

we all a lil Shaka (limited edition print)

(Original Artwork Available) *Inquire for prints* ✖️Title: ‘We all a lil Shaka’ | am I my brothers keeper (rhetorical subtitle)
✖️Dimensions: 18x24x1.5” acrylic gallery wrapped canvas (2020) ➕Narrative: Being black is beautiful. Like something to be proud of, for real. Being black is also hard. Don’t get it twisted, we’re not victims of our own doing and rarely hold a tone of weakness. We are strong, resilient and in a methaphoric sense, invincible. We’re warriors! We also suffer from mental and emotional trauma. I think any warrior can find weakness if they don’t work to be honest with themselves about experiences or trauma that may hurt them or others in the immediate term or long term. That’s exactly what happened to Shaka Zulu. I think there’s a little Shaka Zulu in us all and I’m just trying to catch myself so I don’t self destruct and WE need to be sure we don’t destroy each other like Shaka did to his people and ultimately, his brothers did to him. According to S. African history online @sa_history , Shaka’s last words were, ““Are you stabbing me, kings of the earth? You will come to an end through killing one another.” ➕b. 1787-1828

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