Soul Food

Soul Food

✖️Title: Soul Food 

✖️Series: If we feed eachother, we can live forever *original available* will be posted to site shortly 

• 30W x 40L x 1.5D inches 

• 76W x 102L x 4D centimeters 

Acrlyic, oil stick, pencil // stretched canvas 

c. 2020 #bybmoore 

➕Continuing this series but expanding from the form of feeding eachother, to feeding ones self. To transfer from nourishment of body to nourishment of soul. The tripartite of the human form. Mind  Body  Soul. Boyz II Men’s song ‘A Song For Mama’ mentions, “loving you is like food to my soul”. That’s so true but self love is important. Meditation is important. Here, this beautiful child, who I was given permission to reference the photo from @pslovejoli - is pictured here meditating. It could easily be perceived as prayer. Prayer, meditation. I don’t see much of a difference. Meditation, release and ultimately faith; a faith in self or something else or all; a transfer and release of energy. A quote from a friend, “What I’ve found prayer to be from the Christian puritanical perspective is a seeking of redemption or guidance from being lost and “unworthy”. Meditation is a centering of the individual. I’ve often found meditation to be more edifying than anything else. It’s a grounding of the person in the reality of ones surroundings”. 

We must not lose focus in semantics or conformity when the tone of unconditional love transcends all religions, faiths or beliefs. Self love, meditation and faith are food to my soul. 

▪️Custom Floater Frame included (optional) 

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    ©2020 by bybmoore.

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