Ride or Die (60w x 48h)

Ride or Die (60w x 48h)

Price includes S&H through 3rd party fine art logistics in domestic U.S. For International orders please inquire for rates. Email info@bybmoore.com or reach us via chat window 

Original Artwork Retail: $9,700
Limited (3 qty printed) A.P. (Artist Proof) Prints: $700

Title: Ride or Die 
Series: if we feed eachother, we can live forever 
60w ✖️ 48h ✖️ 2d inches 
c. 2020  
(Original Available - DM or Email for serious inquiries) 
🙏🏽🌹*largest work from series*
Acrlyic, oil stick, charcoal, pencil // stretched canvas 
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➕Growing up, we hopped on each others bikes to go anywhere we had to go or wanted to go. Jumping on those handlebars or anywhere on a one-person bike with an extra 1-2 riders was a level of trust I don’t think I appreciated as much back then. Everyone gotta play their position or everyone crashing. 

➕Ride or Die in a figurative sense and literal sense. Ride or Die to me means unconditional support, “I got you” kinda commitment to helping someone; usually someone you love. The nostalgia and symbolism of this image means so much more to me this year, more than ever. I AM my brothers (and sisters) keeper. Oh and PS. Black people bike 💪🏽 (Fact: I intentionally do not complete parts of the artwork. The crown of the child’s head is symbolic of the child forming, their mind body and soul. This is also an aesthetic I’ve always loved about the artwork process. Seeing a glimpse into the journey production of the work.)
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