Reflection of Love

Reflection of Love

Artist Proof Limited Print: 24w x 30h (1 of 3) 
Limited Edition Print: 16w x 20h (1 of 25) 

Archival Pigment Prints Rag Cotton 188gram, signed, numbered (limited print run) 
Pricing includes S&H in United States. Please inquire for International Shipping Rates. 

Ever looked into a puddle and said, “I love you”? It might talk back. 🌹 a gentle reminder. 
Final work of the 2020 series: If we feed eachother, we can live forever. 
➕Part of self health is loving yourself. Believing in yourself and giving yourself affirmations in some form. I think it’s great to have love and support from others, but ain’t no love compared to the love you can give, *after* you love yourself first. 
✖️ “love is a reflection” 
➕Original artwork painted with acrylics and soft pastel on cardboard. Sold to private collector. 
c. 2020
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    ©2020 by bybmoore.

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