Plaited Cotton Crown

Plaited Cotton Crown

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✖️Archival Pigment Prints Rag Cotton 188gram, signed, numbered (limited print 25qty) $500
20in x 24in 

✖️Artist Proof Archival Prints Rag Cotton 188gram, signed, numbered (limited print 3qty) $700 

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Title: Plaited Cotton Crown

c. 2021 (Original Sold - Private Collection) 
🗣If interested in being included in viewings of original works, please DM or email me (in Bio). Original works are no longer available online. You can inquiry for originals. 
✖️In study of a new 2021 series I’ll be sharing in the near future, I’ll be focused on monochromatic abstract portraits of African & Black figures. The symbolism of monochrome technique to me in this body of work in how you can present human form in a variety of single colors with a constant human form. Emphasis on humanity, black humans. 
✖️ The crown of cotton symbolizes for me what I look forward to in the future. Buying our own land, building our own wealth and legacy. Literally picking our own cotton and using it to make our own crowns. The dichotomy of a crucifixion; as my representation of a resurrection. It is referenced that Jesus had a plaited crown of thorns during his crucifixion. Both plaited braided hair and cotton have deep ties to black/african history and are important parts of our past
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