Madonna of the Red Lillies | Crack Epidemic MCMLVXXXIII A.D. 1983 A.D. | Mother

Madonna of the Red Lillies | Crack Epidemic MCMLVXXXIII A.D. 1983 A.D. | Mother

Original Available (Swipe ⬅️➡️ for more 📷)✖️Title: Madonna of the Red Lillies | Crack Epidemic MCMLVXXXIII A.D. 1983 A.D. | Mother Mary holds her crack baby | 54x54” acrylic, charcoal, oil pastel on linen tapestry. Serious Inquiries DM (will post to online store today)➕ Some of y’all know my story and in this piece I continue from the popular piece ‘Crucifixion of a Crack baby’. Growing up without a father or mother sucks. In a traditional family sense, not having a parent is traumatic. In a non traditional sense, you can be loved fully by a guardian; whether parent of not. I had my grandmother, she filled me with unconditional love so I consider her my “mom” even though she didn’t birth me. Honor Thy Mother and Father is one of the Ten Commandments. I wanted to make a editors correction “Honor Thy Guardian”. A guardian cares, loves and protects. You can even be your own guardian. 🙏🏽 Life changes, like the constitution as well as the Bible, some things need a refreshed perspective in current state and maybe an alternative understanding can be reached. In this case, unconditional love can come in any form and guardianship/parental care. If you have someone that non traditionally loves you, let them know. 🙏🏽 Origibal Artwork Referenced:
“The Madonna of the Lilies painted in 1899 by William Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905). This beautiful depiction in the Realism style is full of life and movement, drawing your eye instantly to the young mother holding her babe. The Madonna of the Lilies depicts Mary as a seated figure, a pose which has been favoured in religious iconography since the fifteenth century. The child is lovingly supported by his mother while his arms reach out to the viewer. White lilies placed around her throne symbolise chastity and purity”. *(b.Robert Moore Edit: The white image of purity. Whitewashed rhetoric that white is pure and black is evil. Instead of supporting this tone, and instead of replacing with black lillies contradicting myself and reserve engineering these black negative images, I decided to do red lilies).” their emphasis on religious iconography.”

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    $1,900 (unframed/tapestry - rolled in protected tube/shipped) ~54x54"

    $2,500 (framed stretch canvas - shipped protected) ~48-50"x48-50"


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