I am screaming but you can't hear me | 24x30 Limited Print Release

I am screaming but you can't hear me | 24x30 Limited Print Release

(qty. 25 - Second Limited Print Release: We are releasing a second limited edition print release numbered editioned, signed with pen. (Print Only - Unframed) Printed on archival Hahnemuhle rag cotton paper (188gram) | Price includes shipping. “Bantu” is Zulu for “people”. @soulistaphd gives a brief explanation on the Bantu knot history. .“I think it’s so interesting…we gave [bantu knots] that specific name Bantu. So, to even have a white girl wear those knots and for a publication to center those hairstyles or to feature it as a white girl hairstyle, means you would have to erase it from the name or else it wouldn’t make sense,” Tanisha Ford, author of Dressed in Dreams and Associate Professor of Africana Studies and History at the University of Delaware told Hello Beautiful. “Bantu is a very specific African language and culture. It’s an etnhic group…like they’re Black, they’re sub saharan. To even put those knots on a white girl, you would have to erase it from that name. You would have to literally disconnect it from the name Bantu knot.” The Eight Zulu Kings: From Shaka to Goodwill Zwelithini by John Laband also references the style, saying “married or senior [Zulu] women were crowned with complexly worked topknots of hair and wore pleated leather skirts.” Men and women actually both wore those “top knots” to indicate their marital status, according to The Anatomy of The Zulu Army: From Shaka to Cetshwaya 1818-1879 by Ian Knight. Back then, those “top knots” were known as isicholo, and until late in the nineteenth century it was “the practice of married women to shave their heads, apart from a small patch of hair on the crown that was teased out and dyed with red ochre.” 🔌Write-up credit to @brandifow of @hellobeautiful

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    The original artwork sold to a private collector in April 2020. The first limited edition print release was in dimensions 16x20 and limited quantity of 15 prints. We ran out of stock within a few weeks. Now we are releasing a second limited edition series in the dimensions: 24x30" archival print, archival rag cotton paper 188g. Signed, numbered/editioned and includes COA. 


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