Hand Tufted Rug Textile // Big Head ©️ 44”x38”

Hand Tufted Rug Textile // Big Head ©️ 44”x38”

44”x 38” Hand Tufted Rugs Textile // very limited (only 3) wood framed // stretched with thrifted yarn. Some of the yarn is left “loose” to give the impression of loose markings from the original artwork. This is encouraged to be “touched” as it is interactive if you are comfortable.

(Quantity: 3 Limited Editions)

Signed on back, numbered in yarn on front, COA


A By b. Moore X LAVelle studio collaboration (2022)


Care Instructions: Use a lint roller if dust is noticeable. Keep out of direct light for long periods of time. (Optional: you can frame the work, with UV protected museum quality glass raised above the fabric // textile)


This original artwork was created in 2021. An expressionism work based on a self discovery of my identity. My uncles, cousins and kin all called me Big Head.....


This reproduction // limited print release is the only one I plan. To allow others a chance to have this work in their home. Thank you for the continued support and love.




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