Fishing with a modern day hero

Fishing with a modern day hero

✖️Title: Fishing with a modern day hero || Without words, a bond was formed and patience learned. Forming bond as tight as this fishing line. ➕With Father’s Day approaching, I’ve never painted anything about my dad. I guess I focus more on trauma in the subject of my art to heal and mutually heal and learn. ➕My DAD’s favorite pastime is fishing. Fresh water fishing (if he could fish 24/7 he would). You ever been asked, Who is your hero? Unequivocally, my DAD. I know, a black father? As sad of a stereotype and the systemic facts that play into that stereotype, my DAD broke that stereotype. As a child you need food, water, shelter and unconditional love; my dad gave me all that and more and was far from perfect (he still has work to do 👥🤪). My DAD worked two jobs, taught Chinese martial arts (wu-shu) and went to school earning his BA. All while raising a strong-willed son, without help and he didn’t even fight for child support. I love this man and this body of work might be ranked as a top 5 emotional pieces I’ve created. It takes the top for happy emotions released before and while creating this work.
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