Fishing with a modern day hero

Fishing with a modern day hero

1 of 25 limited edition prints 
Original released in 2020. These are the first batch of prints I released in 2020. These fine art prints are archival on rag cotton fine art paper. 188gsm weight. Each print comes signed and numbered. These prints do not come with COA. (I did not issue COA on any 2020 print releases)

These are a straight edge print with a 1/4 in border for signature. 

Shipping of these prints will begin July 12th - July 18th (on orders placed before June 25fh) 

✖️Title: Fishing with a modern day hero || Without words, a bond was formed and patience learned. Forming bond as tight as this fishing line. ➕With Father’s Day approaching, I’ve never painted anything about my dad. I guess I focus more on trauma in the subject of my art to heal and mutually heal and learn. ➕My DAD’s favorite pastime is fishing. Fresh water fishing (if he could fish 24/7 he would). You ever been asked, Who is your hero? Unequivocally, my DAD. I know, a black father? As sad of a stereotype and the systemic facts that play into that stereotype, my DAD broke that stereotype. As a child you need food, water, shelter and unconditional love; my dad gave me all that and more and was far from perfect (he still has work to do 👥🤪). My DAD worked two jobs, taught Chinese martial arts (wu-shu) and went to school earning his BA. All while raising a strong-willed son, without help and he didn’t even fight for child support. I love this man and this body of work might be ranked as a top 5 emotional pieces I’ve created. It takes the top for happy emotions released before and while creating this work.
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