Black to the Future (A Modern American Family)

Black to the Future (A Modern American Family)

✖️Black to the Future (A Modern American Family) 
c. 2020 

Original Artwork Unavailable
Archival Pigment Prints Rag Cotton 188gram, signed, numbered (limited print 50qty) 
18in x 18in 

➕There are black people in the future.  So I wanted to represent a family of the future, that looks like us. As a kid, then barbershop my dad went to had a barber side and a salon side. The salon side had a nice couch and I enjoyed admiring the women talking, getting their hair done; anything to have a moment to admire a woman (a motherly figure). On the waiting table, I would try to flip through as many pages of JET magazines. They always had smiling and happy black family images. I wanted to reference that here; a black family on the cover of JET magazine (the Jetsons), it just made sense.

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Original Artwork 
Limited Edition Archival Prints (50 printed) rag cotton archival print 188g; signed, numbered: s&h
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