Black Sheep Whitewashing | Negro Agnus Dei

Black Sheep Whitewashing | Negro Agnus Dei

Sale Pending (*Please Inquire) ✖️Title: Black Sheep Whitewashing | Negro Agnus Deī (Latin Translation: Black Lamb of God) Christian/Catholic Theology 30A.D. ➕Dimensions: 30x40x1.5” oilstick charcoal acrylic stretched canvas | 2020 @bybmoore ✉️ serious inquiries email/DM. ➕Narrative: In the English language, black sheep is an idiom used to describe an odd or disreputable member of a group, especially within a family
According to a 2006 article written by Dr. John Oshodi for @stlouisamerican “Recently, it was discovered that the U.S. has set up covert prisons and interrogation sites for terror suspects in remote areas around the world. These detention center were dubbed “black sites.” Why “black”?
Mainstream white America has a long history of giving blackness evil, unhealthy, hostile and morbid representations. Any child with basic reading skills can easily find in any American dictionary calculated and multiple uses of the term “black” in ways that are peculiar and unfriendly.

Consider: Black market. Blacklist. Black eye. Black out. Black box. Black mood. Black magic. Black death. Black sheep. Black face. Black hand. Black head. Black hole. Blackshirt. Blackmail. Blackleg. Blackball. Black mark. The list goes on and on.
These negative ways of symbolizing blackness are in daily use in human circles of all kinds, including by black-skinned persons. These symbols are used literally without one seemingly thinking about skin color. You should think about it, though, if you are of African ancestry, heritage and identity. Each time a white, Hispanic, Asian or any other non-black person uses these symbols, he is consciously or unconsciously referring to the color black in a way that is inferior. This should be of concern to any black person - particularly when the symbol white has been historically free of negative representations.”
I’ve always been the “black sheep” of the family. I hate that! Straight up, hate that. I’ve rebelled against it after years of embracing it. An unhealthy cycle. Whatever a black sheep is, I’m sure that’s truly what the lamb of god looked like......

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