A visual reminder of the origins of humanity - my Bantu knots (Limited Edition)

A visual reminder of the origins of humanity - my Bantu knots (Limited Edition)

Limited Edition Prints - Archival Prints, 188g rag cotton paper. Title: A visual reminder of the origins of humanity - my Bantu knots. Young Zulu girl with Bantu knots holds a look of despair. (Original artwork - acrylic, molding paste texture //stretched canvas). It’s crazy how emotion of myself translates to the emotional expression of some of my abstract portrait work. This week has been heavy for many kings and queens. We are strong, but I feel moments of disparity. PSA: we don’t have much and it seems our people are constantly fighting for what we have and what is fair. Yet, our culture and identify continues to be hijacked and used against us. Intentional or not, be aware.“Cultural appropriation by definition means norms that are valued by one culture being absorbed and claimed by the dominant culture,” says Banke Awopetu-McCullough, professor of developmental reading and writing at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY, who also holds a bachelor’s degree in African-American studies from the University of Virginia.“In regards to hair, cultural appropriation is particularly offensive because Black women have to fight for our natural beauty to be featured and valued,” Awopetu-McCullough continues. “When white women rock our styles without at least giving credit, it’s another example of the ways Black women are marginalized” Bantu” is a blanket term used to describe the 300 to 600 ethnic groups within southern Africa. There’s no standard language, but interestingly enough, “Bantu,” which means “people,” remains consistent across the different groups. “Bantu knots also are known as Zulu knots because the Zulu people, a Bantu ethnic group, are the originators of the look we love and wear today,” says NaturallyCurly Branded Content Editor Gerilyn Hayes. “This ancestral and cultural tether is striking in its eons-old manifestation of togetherness,” Hayes continues. “Bantu knots are a visual reminder of the origins of humanity, which may intrinsically be a key to their charm.” Source: @ebonymagazine

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