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COMPLEX: Artist Reimagines Classic Cartoon Characters to Address Mental Health Within the Black Community

In conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Month, artist B. Robert Moore has released an extended collection of “Imagine a World; Brown like Me”—a popular art series in which he reimagines classic cartoons as POC.

The drop is centered on three pieces: “I Got You,” “Here to Listen”, and “Self Love,” all of which are based on the Peanuts comic strip illustrated by Charles M. Schulz. The first two works are available exclusively in print form, while the latter has been released as both a print and T-shirt design. As you can see below, the art depicts characters like Charlie Brown and Snoopy with Brown and Black faces, while underscoring the importance of mental health aid.

Moore, a self-taught multidisciplinary artist, says the collection is a deeply personal one, as he too has struggled with mental health over the years.

“Mental health is critical to not only survive, but thrive,” he said in a statement. “For me, I needed to make my mental health a priority to counter unhealthy habits that were forming from neglecting my mental health.”

Read the full story on Complex, HERE.


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