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Self-Taught Multidisciplinary Contemporary Artist - Independent

DSM Magazine b.Robert Moore Article Link

b. Robert Moore (b.1983-) Des Moines, Iowa | Lakewood, California. Robert, a multidisciplinary contemporary artist started painting to counter drug addiction and alcoholism among mental and emotional health outlets. To Robert, he is constantly in pursuit of happiness, which in his current state is defined by fulfillment + purpose. He finds purpose in connecting narrative and opening doors for connection, relation, healing, discussion. From up-cycled sculpture to abstract portrait and urban neo-expressionism, Robert has defined his genre or style as "narrative". He is purposeful with every word, brushstroke and connection to the work with contention if intentionally or accidental occurrences influenced the work. Like many human and human experiences, the exterior never truly tells how the person was composed within the interior or influences/experiences that impacted them and so human nature typically has a subjective stance. Robert attempts to strip away those subjective "soft" assumptions of narrative instead calling it out directly. That is the goal in his work, to conflict and provoke thought of narrative of African and African American diaspora as well as social and civil experiences of underrepresented people + narrative.

"As a recovering alcoholic and addict, art is my therapy and I find fulfillment in producing the work as a healthy alternative to addiction and mental health disorders (a/k/a super powers). As long as I am representing the underrepresented narrative and narrative that exposes the most vulnerable forms of authenticity and growth, then I find this as a form of currency to me". Blessings & Good Vibes - b.Robert Moore

Roberts work can be found internationally from green collections to established recognized private collections. Robert continues to develop the mastery of his craft without restriction of rules or style, or brand. He is constantly evolving, Roberts work can be found in public and private installations internationally. 

2020 Notable Work: 

June 2020 - Harvesting Humanity Silent Protest (national) 

June 2020 - Reciprocal of Humanity Public Mural 

July 2020 - Uplift Black Girls Public Mural 

July 2020 - Independence Call for Action Protest (Art) 

Oct 2020 - Donation to Ahmaud Arbery's mother in his honor, memory and name 

Nov/Dec 2020 Issue DSM Magazine Feature: 

DSM Magazine b.Robert Moore Article Link

Additional Press Releases on 2020 Public Art Projects 

Daily Iowan 2020

Little Village 2020

NewsBreak 2020

My Rural America 2020

50 years / 50 faces of Oakridge Community 2020

Projecting Pride - One Iowa - LGBTQ Public Projection 2020

2021 Notable Work: 

Jan 2021 - Featured in Widewalls story on my success using Instagram to promote my artwork (Kendra Walker) 

2021 Public Showings:

Allouche Gallery (NYC)

2021Band of Vices (LA)

2021SCOPE 2021 (Art Basel Miami) 

UNKNWN 2021 (Miami) - public mural / Art Basel

SOHO House 2021 (Chicago) 

KITH X BHM 2022 (Worldwide)

Expo Chicago (Arte Haus) 

2022 Notable Work: 

KITH X BHM 2022 (Worldwide)

Expo Chicago (Arte Haus) 

2022Band of Vices - 2022 (July) 

Seattle Art Fair - 2022

                   Solo Show - TBD More To Come! 

Jan 7th 2021 Press Citizen Feature on work and practice 

Press Citizen b. Robert Moore Article Link

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